Is It Time For A Change?


Given the title of this post, my guess is if you’re reading this you’ve gotten to a point in your life where you’re thinking it’s time for a change.

You’re not alone. I’ve been here many times myself! I’ve felt stuck in relationships, jobs I no longer enjoyed, and felt that something needed to change.

The most important thing I learnt during these times was to figure out exactly what I wanted, and then what I needed to do to achieve my goals.

Is it time for a change?


Perhaps you’re no longer happy in your job. Maybe you want a job that’s more challenging, or maybe you want something that isn’t as demanding as your current role.

You might be looking to up your skillset and want to find a training course which will help advance your career, or maybe you’re looking to retrain for an entirely different career. Perhaps you’re looking to leave life as an employee and start up your own business.

Whatever the reason, work often forms such a large part of our lives that it’s important we’re happy in what we do.



You might feel the time is right to start a new intimate relationship, or perhaps you want to end an existing one. Either way, this is a big decision.

Maybe you experience difficult relationships with family members and want to explore how to approach these in a different way.


Are you at a point in your life where you think it's time to change? Perhaps you want to change your job or maybe you're unhappy in your relationship? Is self-care something you find difficult to fit in? One thing I learnt was that it's important to find out what you want and then figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals | Time to Change | Self-Development | Goal Setting | #SelfDevelopment #GoalSetting #MakeChanges


It’s hard to make time for self-care, what with everything else we have going on in our lives. However, if we don’t look after ourselves we’re not going to function at our best.

Self-care might include things like making more time for hobbies and interests, and friends we don’t see very often. It might be about getting a balanced diet, and doing exercise which helps us feel good.


Where to start?

When you’re contemplating change it can be hard to know where to begin. A good starting point would be to sign up for my Dare to Change guide which gives you useful exercises to help you get clearer on what you want to change and the steps to take to get there.

If you would prefer a one-off consultation, then I offer a super-focused Values Call to help you explore what’s important to you and how you can use these Values to guide you through your changes.

Lastly, I also offer Coaching packages, so please do contact me if you’re unsure which of my services would be most beneficial for you and we can discuss them in more detail 🙂




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