Mindfulness Exercises: Take The 30 Day Challenge!

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I’ve talked before about mindfulness exercises on the blog. I’m always keen to try to improve my mindfulness practice. So, it was great to be gifted the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge pack from Mind Panda. I was excited to see what new ideas this would give me.

But first, what is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the process whereby we bring our awareness to what’s happening in the present moment.

At such times we might experience certain thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, or things we’re perceiving from the external environment. The aim is to try to avoid getting “hooked in” by these things. Instead, we need to try to accept them without judgement and bring our awareness back to the present moment.

For example, you might be in the middle of a breathing meditation. Then, you become aware of soreness in your body. In such a situation you would acknowledge it, without judgement about the soreness. Then you’d bring your focus back to your breathing.

I often get stuck on what mindfulness exercises to use as I'm not really into mindfulness meditation. I was lucky to be gifted with the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge pack from Mind Panda. It contains a pack of cards containing mindfulness exercises, together with a mindfulness journal to note down your thoughts. If you want to develop your mindfulness practice, this is a great way to start! | Mindfulness Activities | Mindfulness Practice | #Mindfulness #Meditation #SelfCare

Mindfulness exercises

There are many ways that we can be mindful. And, there are lots of mindfulness exercises we can use to help us develop our mindfulness practice. We can do things like bringing our awareness to our breathing, to the task of making a cup of tea, and even to walking!

But if mindfulness is new to you, it can feel a bit daunting and difficult to know where to begin.

The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge pack from Mind Panda is a great way to start your practice. It gives you mindfulness exercises and gratitude practices you can use time and again, long after you complete the challenge.

Mind Panda 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge pack

As part of the pack you get a deck of cards, each with an inspirational quote on one side and a mindfulness exercise or gratitude practice on the other. Alongside this you get a Mindful Journal which is where you can write down your daily thoughts and experiences.

Mindfulness exercises

My experience of using the pack

I really enjoyed working my way through the different exercises. I admit that I didn’t connect with a small number of them, so I probably wouldn’t use those particular ones again. But, everyone is different.

We’ll all be drawn to different mindfulness exercises and/or gratitude practices. And that’s okay!

My favourite element of the pack was the journal. I think it’s really useful to reflect on and write down your experiences.

The journal helped me think about how each exercise impacted upon me. It also helped me identify the ones I want to carry on using in my mindfulness practice.

I think the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge pack is great for both beginners and seasoned mindfulness practitioners. In my opinion, you can never have too many mindfulness exercises or gratitude practices in your toolkit 🙂

I highly recommend it, let me know how you get on with it!



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