No Gym? No Problem! How To Get Fit At Home!

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Not everyone likes working out in a gym. They might feel self-conscious, and it might even cause them some anxiety. So, a lot of people may prefer to get fit at home.

I have a home gym which enables me to workout at home. But, I recognise that a lot of people might not have access to this equipment.

So, I decided to try out a home fitness app called Aaptiv to see what it was like to get fit at home.


Aaptiv is a fitness app which is compatible with Android and iPhones. You can also use it on your PC. It has thousands of workouts, each led by a trainer.

To download it go to their website, fill in your details including your phone number, and the app will be downloaded directly to your phone. Easy!

Setting up your account

You’ll be asked a few questions to give you a personalised health plan. I’ve put some screenshots below to give you an idea of what it looks like.

You’re also asked for other details:

  • Date of birth
  • How many times a week you want to work out
  • The days you want to train
  • How long you like your workouts to be
  • Whether you train alone or with others
  • Whether you prefer to train alone/with others
  • Over a 4 week period, how many weeks you exercise at least once

The app then asks for the types of workouts and equipment you have access to.

It’ll then ask you to choose what ‘healthy habit’ it can help you build on. I chose ‘Foam Rolling’ because this really helps with any muscle stiffness from my training. And I don’t do enough of it!

But, there are other options like ‘Work your Core’ and ‘Master the Plank’ 🙂

How to unlock the workouts

Before you can unlock the thousands of workouts available on Aaptiv you’ll need to do a ‘Starter Class’. These starter classes vary in length.

Some classes are 10 minute ab routines, whilst others are strength-based and last around 25 minutes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I went for the strength-based routine!

The workout summary tells you who the trainer is. It also states the duration of the workout, the skill level, estimated calories burned, and the star rating from Aaptiv users.

It even includes the type of music which will be helping push you through the workout! 

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Once you’ve chosen the workout, it shows the countdown timer at the top. You also have the option of skipping backwards and forwards during the routine.

Perfect if, like me, you sometimes miss what they say! 😉

If you scroll down you can view each of the movements being used in the routine. This is great if there are movements you’ve never done before.

They’re all demonstrated through short videos. This means you don’t need to go searching the internet for them!

I really liked how the trainer guided and motivated me throughout the workout. I didn’t find this annoying at all. In fact, I found this increased my enthusiasm and determination to get it done.


The main workouts

Once you’ve gained access, you’ll be able to browse the whole library of workouts.

These include things like strength training, running, walking, stretching, yoga, meditation, and pilates. You’d be hard-press not to find something you like which will help you get fit at home!

In case you’re wondering how you follow along to a walking or running workout, fear not!

You can actually download the workouts to your phone. This means you can take the workout with you.

So, if it’s a workout where you need to be out and about, it’s no problem for the Aaptiv app.

Another option is to choose the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen. From there you choose from the ‘Trending’ workouts to see what’s popular at the time.


Clicking on the ‘Coach’ option at the bottom left of the screen takes you to a workout planner (see the screenshot below). This has been pre-populated with workouts. These are based on the answers you gave when setting up your account.


This can be found at the bottom centre of the screen. I really like this section as it shows the workouts that other Aaptiv users are doing. They post their photos and people can ‘like’ their pictures and make comments.

I train alone, but it was nice to see other people using the app. It gives a sense of community. You’re all working towards a common goal of keeping fit!


When you choose the ‘Program’ symbol (a trophy), you get taken to a list of different programs. Each program has thousands of other members, and you can join them to complete the program!

Once you’ve joined the program this gets added to your workout planner. And you’re ready to go! 

Invite people

On the bottom right is a button you can click if you want to invite your friends to use the app.

They could even join the same programs as you. You could share how you’re all getting on and motivate one another to keep on pushing!

Don’t forget to personalise your profile!

Lastly don’t forget to add a profile picture to your account. You can do this by selecting the circle in the top left of the screen.

Your stats will automatically be updated as you complete your workouts 🙂


At the time of writing (March 2020), the app is $99.99 payable yearly. This works out at just $8.33 per month. Or, if you prefer paying monthly it’s only $14.99 per month.

I think this is a great price. You’d pay more for a gym membership. Plus, you have access to so may different workouts.

Not only can you get fit at home, some of the workouts can be done outside. All the options are open to you.

Time to get fit at home!

I hope this has been a useful tour of the Aaptiv app. I’m looking forward to doing more of their workouts.

I really need to incorporate a bit more cardio into my routine, for heart health. So, I know I have endless options with this app!


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