The Best Home Gym Equipment For Women

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Some people don’t like going to a physical gym and prefer to workout at home. If you’re getting started on your fitness journey then it can be a little daunting to know what home gym equipment you need.

I’ve got a load of home gym equipment which I’ve accumulated over the years. I didn’t start out with lots of equipment though. I actually started off with a set of adjustable dumbbells and worked my way up from there.

I do think it’s worth considering having some form of resistance/strength training in your exercise regime. I outline the reasons here. But, you don’t have to be lifting hundreds of pounds to benefit.

The best home gym equipment for women

So I thought it’d be useful to list my favourite pieces of home gym equipment. This is equipment that’ll give you the best of both worlds ; aerobic exercise and some resistance training.


When I started out lifting, I bought adjustable dumbbells. They’re relatively cheap and can be stored easily. Plus, you can add/remove plates to adjust the weight to how you want it.

If you prefer ‘pre-made’ dumbbells rather than having to change plates, then there are plenty of options available.


The great thing about kettlebells is that you can get both aerobic exercise and resistance work done at the same time!

I’d fully recommend a simple ‘kettlebell swing’ HIIT routine. I’ve done one where you do as many swings in 40 seconds as you can, and then have 20 seconds rest. Then repeat up to 10 times.

I also love kettlebells as home gym equipment because they come in some nice colours, plus you can get them vinyl coated or plain iron. 

The vinyl-covered ones can be useful if you want to try to avoid damaging your flooring, but if you’re not accident-prone like me then plain iron is just as good.

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Resistance Bands/Tubes

If you’re not keen on lifting weights, then resistance bands and resistance tubes are a great substitute for dumbbells at getting in some strength work.

You can buy them individually or in sets and they come in different tension levels. I’d recommend buying a set so that you can move up to the next tension level once a particular band feels too easy.

Skipping rope

When all is said and done, things often come back to the basics. Remember those skipping ropes with the wooden handles at school?

You can’t go wrong with a skipping rope as an addition to your home gym equipment.

I’ve got one which I use in the garden, weather permitting! It gives a great cardiovascular workout and is really inexpensive.

Fitness mat

No home gym would be complete without a fitness mat, to help through those home workouts. The mat is going to get a lot of wear and tear so it’s important to get one which can withstand the knocks! 

Fit ball

Another piece of home gym equipment that adds something extra special to your fitness routine is the fit ball.

Fit balls help develop balance and coordination and are great for working your core. One recommendation I have is to do dumbbell flys whilst leaning back on the ball. 

Not only are you working your arms, but your core is helping stabilise you so it’ll really work your abs.

Yoga mat

Fitness isn’t all about bicep curls and jumping jacks. It’s also good to slow down the pace and bring some calm into your exercise regime.

I’ve found that yoga really helps to calm my mind. However, don’t be fooled that it’s an easy option – it is tough!

There are plenty of yoga routines to be found on fitness apps like Aaptiv. And, it’s important that the yoga mat is sufficiently padded to protect your joints.

Fitness clothing

And lastly, who doesn’t want to look and feel good when they work out?! GRRRL Clothing have some amazing designs for their fitness wear. I can vouch for the leggings as they feel like a second skin and are incredibly comfortable.

And if you’re not one for fancy patterns they have options for ladies that prefer more straightforward designs. 

I hope these recommendations for home gym equipment have given you some good ideas for getting started.


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